Disjoncteur Dismatic

Disjoncteur Dismatic series are circuit breaker and switch combination for protection of air-conditioning systems.
Design engineers today are trying to systematically reduce individual components, this is a key factor of cost-efficient design, normally less components also means more spaces which is enabled by the design of compact products, in order to support Design Engineer in their search for parts reduction, we offer a combination of circuit breakers and switches, these are thermal circuit breakers providing over current protection and serve as an On/Off switch for devices, machinery and equipment at the same time.
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The new installation frame "Dismatic" is made as per Legrand, E-T-A circuit breaker and switch combinations are suited for a wide range of applications due to their robust and reliable design, including medical equipments, professional tools, household applications and gardening tools, for example in France, E-T-A products are used by manufacturers of floor sanding machines and concrete vibrators, another application field is sailing yachts where the E-T-A circuit breakers are installed in central dashboards, they serve for switching on and off of all loads on board such as bilge pump the anchor light of interior lights, at the same time they protect cables and loads against possible damages caused by overheating in the event of over currents.

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